morna and rosie

old characters that have since been pretty much abandoned. from may 2019


Original: iPad, clip studio paint

8x11 metallic prints available!

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back on my bs. link!

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Lady Lovers

finally finished my victorian inspired lady lovers :D

i'm trying to be a lil more self indulgent in my arts, so - i'm a simple woman; i want pretty dresses, pretty ladies and courting couches

Style Update: I've Finally Found It

Nova belongs to @/moonlightfoxart - Their Twitter / Insta

Vindicaris - Mermay(s)

Mermay 2018 + 2019. Got some ideas for 2020 already.

Hi I'm new, have some alien almost smooches

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legs weak

arms spaghetti

joints creak

brain forgetti

Mayor Pauline

2019 christmas i had gotten a switch lite and with it mario odyssey and i warmed up to paulines design almost immediately. me gay

Companion Prints Part 3

This set is titled Flower Queens, and basically about as NSFW I go, so yeah. Tagged just in case. Both made in 2019.

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one of my favorite picrews so far !

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1-1-2020 was Scarlet's 1st Birthday

This lady is on hold for someone atm!

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Because I want to populate my character tags I'm gonna post some of the art that I've gotten from Jelly of a few of my OCs~

This is Camilla, she's a demon knight

Specifically a Pride Demon with minor Hellhound heritage

Which is a good mix of dedication, high self-worth, and loyalty as parts of her demonic nature

A study from reference

Painted in procreate

Fun fact: tablets are squeaky if you scribble with them like you would a felt pen in middle school

Snake Crowley

I post this in complete denial of the snow currently on the ground and the abysmal temperatures.

finger guns @ u