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Been on a selfie spree over on the hellsite, this was my fave of several Looks i was serving 🤣

I finally managed to get some sunrise pictures!!

naiad -

Denver Aquarium

Agnetha & the Sea King by John Bauer

Keelan/A Familiar Skull

Love this goofy goth witch.

Sky Goddess

Had to test the new stylus for my laptop v.v 

This Dahlia always makes me think of the Cowardly Lion

Rainbow Hair (2019 re-draw)

Seeing as it’s coming to the end of the year (lawd have mercy) I decided it was time to re-draw my rainbow hair piece. I wanted to try something different, went for a stained glass kinda vibe. I’m really happy with how it turned out!!

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@zylphide / shiny-rayquaza

rude criminal man and his rude adopted child

naiad asked:

☕️ cats?

cats are so lovely. cute and soft and smart but also fierce af when they need to be. they have such unique personalities, every cat I have known has been different. Some are cuddly and social, some are aloof. Some are mischevious, some are prim and proper. The have the range, darling. I dont think its possible for a cat to be not-cute. Not many animals are still just as adorable when they are obese or hairless or all janky from hard living but cats are. they can be utterly dependent little babies, or they can murder 1 billion small wildlife creatures for the hell of it despite being well fed. It continually amazes me how cats are aware of things that people arent. Sometimes its just that the same senses we have are better on cats, like they have better hearing and know the person walking down the hall outside the door is Their Person and not just a neighbor. Sometimes its specialized equipment like whiskers and pupils that dilate like crazy so they can see in near total darkness. Sometimes its stuff we can't even explain, like how cats can sense an earthquake before vibrations can be felt. 


And basically all these traits transfer from cat to cat as we increase in size and wildness. A tiger is way more similar to a housecat than a wolf is to a terrier, imo.  

An Anonymous user asked:

Cancle culture?

The basic roots of cancel culture were not a bad thing. It was good when we started paying attention to how words and deeds affected others. Telling people to change their shitty behavior was not inherently problematic.


I think the problem it has become stems from the fact that online its easy to find a clique for anything. Whatever trait brings people together exists outside the larger context of life when online.  You can have whole groups of acquaintances you only discuss that one thing with (fandoms are a good example of a group of people bonding over a singular thing, discussing the same topic for most of their interactions)

To people lacking a sense of community otherwise, to people lacking a strong established sense of self,  its really easy to get sucked in. That group makes you feel good and before long that one thing, whether it's a fandom or a social justice issue or whatever, becomes a Focus of their personality. That issue starts to exist outside of context. 


It becomes a drive to seek out whatever seems cancel-worthy and shut it down, regardless of context, regardless of the level of harm specific incident may be doing. One single wrong word makes someone cancel-worthy because people get hyperfocused on the Thing, whatever it is, and dont look at the person. 


(Minor personal example, several months ago a some people tried to Cancel me on tumblr because while discussing trans issues i had a brain fart and said "cis-sexual" instead of cis-gender. And it was absolutely impossible to convince them i actually did know what i was talking about and was NOT an ignorant transphobe... despite the fact that i was literally dating a trans persom at the time. And like, if they paid any attention to who i am as a person at all, it would have been obvious i support any persons gender expression (or rejection of gender or whatever!). But i phrased one thing awkwardly and so needed to be punished because i was at best a bad ally and at worst a TERF) 

princeofdoom asked:

☕️ Pastimes

I rly love that you spelled pastimes right cuz many do not lol


For my own i love to read and write. Fanfiction mostly cuz its approachable. I know i am probably going to like most stories because i already know i like the characters and setting. As opposed to original fiction where i can be 100 pages in and "ugh does this protag ever become likeable?". I do also like to read classical fiction tho. Love me some Jane Austen. 


Crafting is super fun.  I dont have a particular kind of crafting i focus on, i tend to drift depending on mood or the supplies i have. Learn something new, try it a while, never do it again (knitting isnt hard but i just cannot keep count of my stitches). I have been wanting to get back into crossstitch. I used to do it a lot when i was younger but all the kits you could find back then were very Grandma type designs of flowers and birds and bible versus. These days you can find funny subversive cross stitch patterns full of swear all over the internet. 



I play a little World of Warcraft. I love jigsaw puzzles. I watch a lot of tv and movies and just... really enjoy talking about those media with people. Some people mistake things i say as complaints or criticisms and "why cant you just take it is and enjoy it?" I DO enjoy it. I just also enjoy coming ip with fan theory and wondering what would be different if a character had done this thing instead of that thing. And i dont point out inconsistencies and plot holes cuz they bug me, i do it cuz its like a fun I Spy activity. "I saw that!! I almost missed it cuz its subtle but i am heckin' observant!!"

thoughts asked:

☕️ frogs and amphibians in general. thoughts?

Cute lil crawlers n hoppers mostly.


I am really more a reptile girl tbh. 


It kinda freaks me out that amphibians drink and to some extent breathe through their skins. Not cuz its creepy or anything, but because it makes me VERY worried about touching them. I could have something on my hands without realizing it that could harm them! Hand lotion + cute frog holding? No!


Salamanders are heckin' neat.

tiddywife asked:

popcorn ☕️

Love to monch the popcorn. Buttery or cheesy popcorn is my fave. I wil eat sweet popcorns like your kettle or caramel corns if its there, but i like it salty instead.


I know movie theater popcorn is such a ridiculous markup but, like, i gotta. Its part of the movie theater experience! If i have no popcorn and Icee, did i even really see that MCU movie???


Why havent we perfected a way of making popcorn that doesnt leave unpopped kernels. Its almost 2020. There are robots to clean houses and AIs to drive cars, i shouldnt be chipping a tooth when i shovel popcorn into my facehole.


If you like popcorn but dont wanna make a giany bag of microwave popcorn covered in that fake butter that coats your tongue and leaves a chemically aftertaste, do what i do: throw a big handful of unpopped kernels in a brown paper bag, fold the top down a few times, microwave it till the bag fills and puffs out a bit. If you want salt or other seasonsings, give it a spritz of cooking spray to make it atick. Garlic powder + onion powder is yum. Super easy healthy snack!



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