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Answers below the cut:

Name/nickname: Jo

Meaning of your name/nickname/URL: I go by Jo cuz people either can't spell or pronounce Joelynn. I go by WittyWallflower because its apt, I'm an introvert but i'm funny af, and also because I was sad when I deleted my tumblr in a fit of depression and lost that URL (now witasaweapon over there fyi)

Zodiac sign: Aries

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff Pride!

Height: 5'6"

The thing you like best about yourself: dat wit, bitch.

The first thing people notice about you: I have only one dimple but its adorable

Last song you listened to: "Standing Outside The Fire"

Last book/article/fanfic you read: I have been soaking up Good Omens one-shots all day, I also reread my ODAAT fic the other night trying to inspire the next chapter. Last book was reread Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Last video/film/show you watched: currently rewatching ODAAT, most recent new show was Good Omens, and earlier today I saw the movie A.I. (2001) with Haley Joel Osmet and wow that movie is messed up

Last thing you were out the house for: work

First three songs that come up when you shuffle your music player: Elvis Costello - This Is Hell, Kill Hannah - Raining All The Time, Ozzy Osbourne - Mama I'm Coming Home

A piece of literature/film that represents you: Ummmmmmmm. I am an amalgamation of every media i have ever consumed so i have no answer to this

The thing(s) you never leave the house without: Phone, wallet, keys, lighter.

Languages you speak: English

Instruments you play(ed): none

How you motivate yourself: motivation? I don't know her. idk, maybe telling myself how happy Future Me will be that she doesnt have to do whatever it is because Past Me already took care of it. (Thanks, Past Me!" is something i say aloud on the regular tbh)

Where you'd like to visit if you could go anywhere: the South Pacific.

The things hanging on your wall in your bedroom: Centerpiece above the bed is a trio of superhero art: Hawkeye, Pheonix, Wonder Woman. the strip of wall above the closet is various arrow shaped/themed arts. Wall behind the dresser had a little mirrored shelf full of niches holding a bunch of crystals and this awesome wood-burning art with an anchor design and a banner that reads "a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor", the last wall has a (terrible) peacock I painted during one of those wine-and-painting classes (which are fun, if you get the chance do it, they make it super easy to art), a memo board with various things: patches, pins, ticket to events; and several framed pictures of my family.

Not as much stuff as Si but i felt compelled to provide detail.

Oh! And I can't neglect to mention the window with like 14 prisms hanging in it so when its sunny my room is full of rainbows.

Longest you've had your hair: mid-back. bleh. too much hair.

Something on your to-do list: job hunt. find the title for my car so i can scrap it.

Random fact about you: i think wristwatch tanlines are sexy for some inexplicable reason

A fictional world you'd like to live in: Narnia. Most fantasy worlds have some truly terrible shit going on so its hard to pick even a world I love to read about

What you do when you're upset: Get high, rewatch a comfort show, cuddle a cat, hide in my room with only my twinkle lights on

Piece of jewelry and/or clothing you (almost) always wear: Fossil watch my bestie gave me. Does it count if I only have one good bra so i wear it all the time?

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