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🎈-How do you usually celebrate birthdays? Do you go out, or stay home and treat yourself?

Usually go out for sushi with the bestie but otherwise just chill. March is a bad month for me for many reasons so I tend to not get too excited about my birthday. I used to try to get a group together for drinks or a house party but omg its an annoying pain in the ass trying to coordinate that shit, i dont want that kinda of pressure and obligation when its my own damn birthday. Trying have fun and have a cocktail and be texting with people about times and addresses? Pass.

🎀-What kind of clothes do you usually like to dress in? Any accessories to go with them that you always wear?

I like to look a little dressed up just cuz i like the aesthetic of a cute dress or nice slacks. would love to own a tailored suit some day. my job is active and potentially messy so i often wear jeans and tshirts so outside of work i like to wear a nice outfit (assuming I am not at home - the No Pants zone) For accessories the only one i wear regularly is the nice watch my bestie got me for christmas a few years ago. Its got meaning cuz it comes from him, is of practical use, and is objectively imo a very pretty watch.