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My attitude towards the physical objects i own feels slightly cursed rn. Like i am looking at my bookshelf and its all stuff i have read a million times and enjoy but a little devil inside me is like "read that book one more time, then get rid of it. purge it all"

Wtf, self? Why? 

I love him so much, it is physically painful to delete any pictures of him

Halle Berry 🧡

persephone -

cats are just soft dudes with perfectly kissable foreheads and little triangle ears

Made a Halle Berry blanket burrito for snuggle purposes

This is President Roosevelt, aka Rosie. He is a Very Good Boy who loves snuggles and bellyrubs

feywild -

my cat: *has a dual filtering water bowl that is constantly kept clean and fresh*

also my cat: *attempts to drink out of the toilet at any given opportunity*

wittywallflower -

my cat: *also has a filtering water fountain bowl that is kept fresh, clean, and full*

also my cat: *licks the tub dry after anyone showers*

No peace while pooping

all cats must roll in the grass

Roosevelt is the most precious thing on the planet.

I love him.

"PET ME WHILE YOU POOP!" - President Roosevelt

Roosevelt says good morning

My cat is the best. you cant change my mind.

"it happens sometimes: when the world is filled with darkness, and your soul is filled with desperation, someone brings you the sun in their tiny paws"