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naiad asked:

☕️ cats?

cats are so lovely. cute and soft and smart but also fierce af when they need to be. they have such unique personalities, every cat I have known has been different. Some are cuddly and social, some are aloof. Some are mischevious, some are prim and proper. The have the range, darling. I dont think its possible for a cat to be not-cute. Not many animals are still just as adorable when they are obese or hairless or all janky from hard living but cats are. they can be utterly dependent little babies, or they can murder 1 billion small wildlife creatures for the hell of it despite being well fed. It continually amazes me how cats are aware of things that people arent. Sometimes its just that the same senses we have are better on cats, like they have better hearing and know the person walking down the hall outside the door is Their Person and not just a neighbor. Sometimes its specialized equipment like whiskers and pupils that dilate like crazy so they can see in near total darkness. Sometimes its stuff we can't even explain, like how cats can sense an earthquake before vibrations can be felt.

And basically all these traits transfer from cat to cat as we increase in size and wildness. A tiger is way more similar to a housecat than a wolf is to a terrier, imo.