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  • I also refer to this as the one that fits me "if I were hot"
  • skin tones: 4 options, all very different.  I wouldn't label it as diverse by any means, but there's at least one tone in here I haven't seen on others (very dark, A+)
  • you can add eyeliner.  Just saying.
  • accesories
  • hair: variety of styles (including an undercut!) and decent color options
  • clothes: limited options
  • you can do some poses
  • gender: leans masculine, can be gn 

wittywallflower -

my own "me if I were hot!"  the closest I have ever come to an accurate hairstyle on these.

Of the watercolors I've done so far, this one is my favourite. I like my forest spirit Borzoi. Unfortunately, my scanner did cut it off at the top a little, so I may re-scan it eventually.