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Okay i totally did not stay up till dawn last night make wedding inspo moodboards for a goth nerd/Good Omens theme queer wedding



But if i did, who wants to see 'em?

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menswear because I couldnt decide between a dress or a tux

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really wish the collage maker would let me add gifs!!!

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starrieskies -

i wonder, does anyone else have "rules" they follow when making usernames?

for me, everything has to be space or sweets themed!

rosefairy -

for me everything has to be bunnies, fairies or flower themes

smooch -

when it comes to really naming anything, especially if it pertains to me or something about me (or ocs that are facets of myself) i prefer if it would start with s (but idk why!)

vii -

i have one username i use for Everything, the only reason im not using it here is cus i got vii =w=. if that's somehow taken, i have another. if that one's somehow taken too, anything cloud themed (usually nimbus or or cirrus themed) bc that's my name!

blue-eyed-bookworm -

I have three names i switch between for naming picks, this username is cos it's a) the same as my ao3/dreamwidth/tumblr, and b) really descriptive xD i don't mind having to use gryffe or a variation of em though

wittywallflower -

Alliteration always, as available.

crownedwithwisteria -

got a bloom!! a pretty lil orange baby! tiny ray of sunshine!


this plant is a calendula, btw! specifically calendula resina, picked because I wanted the variant with the most resin/sap in it. they bloom in shades of orange and yellow and I love them. an excellent sunshine flower.

I took many many pictures before realizing there was a smudge on my lens but this shot is still kinda pretty.

This Dahlia always makes me think of the Cowardly Lion