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unfinished pixy poem

A tiny, perfect pixy

rests upon the petals of a flower.

The sun bathes her in a glow

and the air is warm around her.

Daintily she wakes,

rubbing sleep from leaf-green eyes.

The beauty of the kind spring day

lends pleasure to her sigh.

With a yawn she stretches

from her wingtips to her toes

and rise with a flitter

to leave her bed, the rose.


Thanks for showing me

what love is like.

Thanks for showing me

how to care.

Thanks for telling me

how special I am.

Thanks for promising

you'd always be there.

Thanks for not compromising,

made it hard to work things out.

Thanks for slipping away

like sand through a sieve.

Thanks for teaching me

how to deal with heartbreak.

Thanks for the promises

I never bothered to believe.

Sometimes I just want to fly

but then I look into your eyes

and I don't know why

but I stay down here with you.

Look at what you do.

If it hadn't been for you

I would have been halfway to the moon.

Take my hand

don't try to understand.

I can't leave you here,

feet on the ground,

to sink to the sand.

Come with me and fly.

I was born in a city so like a suburb

afloat without its urban anchor,

full of cookie-cutter people

living white-bread lives.

But I was the imperfect child,

debilitated by fever as an infant.

Forced to live in relative silence,


Like an awkward outcast

among people who always seemed to know

who they were

and where they were going.

But now I am able to look at life

and the see the joy in it,

and find where I belong.

No longer lost at sea

far from shore.

I have bridged the gap

and life is good.

Dying Flame

A match flares in the darkness

and falls to the floor

Fingers of bright flame creep

across the cold, black stone,

throwing shadows on the wall

and warming the heart of the marble

like a lover's embrace

But with no fuel to sustain its passion

and no fond embrace in return

the red flame slowly dies

into a gray puff of smoke,

and the marble is left to cool alone

with only the faint scent of burning

lingering in the air


Thoughts escape into the night air

crying out, is anyone there?

Desperation, pent-up frustration,

The mind's own violent mutilation

carried through to the things you do

Now you are laying, suspended in pain

that sick smile on your face again

I thought we chased this person away

from the dark of night and light of day

The turmoiled emotions you express

hiding the reasons for your distress

The many escapes you try to use,

the body you abuse

Your body can't take much more,

your body is tired, cold, and sore

Let me know how to help you

how to stop the things you do

I look at you and all I see

is my reflection looking back at me.

Your cruel lips curve

like a longbow.

Foul words feather your arrows.

Your ammunition against

pain and heartbreak.

But love has stormed your defenses,

slipped past the barriers you've

placed in it's path

to set a flaming torch

to your passion.

The fortress housing your heart

has fallen

but still you fight,

never willing to surrender.

Determined to be

love's last martyr.

Traveling down the road of Life

Cruise control set at sixty-five

Radio blasting but you're still all alone

Open your doors to highhikers wandering the highway

Company for the never-ending drive

You laugh and share Life stories

As the scenery speeds by

Pick up a couple others

The more, the merrier the crowd

Driving along, windows rolled down

Pull into a pit stop

There ain't many on this road

You may lose a couple travellers

That's just the way Life goes

Keep them with you while you can

While you travel this road

Some aren't worth your time

Just leave them on the curb

Their rides are out there soomewhere

You don't need them by your side

Keep on treating wanderers to a ride

If you are lucky you'll find one

With the same destination in mind

These are the true friends

And loved one you must hold

Pass through Life together

As you travel this old road

Your rapier grin sinks beneath my skin

and slides into my veins

Passion courses through me

and the darkness closes in

My knees begin to tremble,

my words fade to a sigh

Your very lips upon my neck

make me high

Your hands caress my curves

pull me close, pull me down

into the depths of your

sweet intoxication.