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Mini canvas projects progress

Tbh i have no idea where i am going with any of these.

The fox is basically done i think? except for tidying the lines and a second coat of black. The spacey one needs stars and also Something as a central focus. Maybe a big sigil over it all if i can decide on intent. The hexagons are... idk, i am really playing it by ear there.

I took up a new hobby

I wanted something creative but also easy and low pressure. Something that didnt require much for supplies and took zero set up because sometimes i get the urge to create, but executive dysfunction decides i cant because i am missing that one supply and dont want to go to the craft store, or ugh what a hassle to set up a work space and find everything i need.

I keep the supplies right next to my desktop monitor to grab to do whenever. I already owned the paints and brush and rocks are free from the ground.

I painted a thing!

My friend has a birthday coming up and moved into a new place last month AND also recently started rehab so its a bday/housewarming/encouragement gift.