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princeofdoom asked:

☕️ Pastimes

I rly love that you spelled pastimes right cuz many do not lol

For my own i love to read and write. Fanfiction mostly cuz its approachable. I know i am probably going to like most stories because i already know i like the characters and setting. As opposed to original fiction where i can be 100 pages in and "ugh does this protag ever become likeable?". I do also like to read classical fiction tho. Love me some Jane Austen.

Crafting is super fun. I dont have a particular kind of crafting i focus on, i tend to drift depending on mood or the supplies i have. Learn something new, try it a while, never do it again (knitting isnt hard but i just cannot keep count of my stitches). I have been wanting to get back into crossstitch. I used to do it a lot when i was younger but all the kits you could find back then were very Grandma type designs of flowers and birds and bible versus. These days you can find funny subversive cross stitch patterns full of swear all over the internet.

I play a little World of Warcraft. I love jigsaw puzzles. I watch a lot of tv and movies and just... really enjoy talking about those media with people. Some people mistake things i say as complaints or criticisms and "why cant you just take it is and enjoy it?" I DO enjoy it. I just also enjoy coming ip with fan theory and wondering what would be different if a character had done this thing instead of that thing. And i dont point out inconsistencies and plot holes cuz they bug me, i do it cuz its like a fun I Spy activity. "I saw that!! I almost missed it cuz its subtle but i am heckin' observant!!"