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I made a friend. Friend's name is Lorien.

a lil doodle with a transparent shirt and flower

another fr commission done !! i have so much fun doing the background colors

eznii -


Mermay Day 13 - Galaxy

Mermay Day 14 - Dry Leaves

surprise! more mishka



This man is currently on hold for someone but I have other dragons for sale here!

i was commissioned to draw some friends :>

mundy -

he just needs to relax by a fireplace every now and again.

Shivasa - Commission

Finished drawing a commission of this lovely orc lady last night! I'm quite proud of this one! Got to refresh my metal and fur rendering skills a bit.

Mermay Day 6 - Desert

i think i prefer this one without shading,,, it kinda muddles the lines a bit huh

Mermay Day 7 - Forest

this one was a lot of fun....and i managed to draw decent hands!!

i was mostly playing around with differnt tattoo ideas

[8:35 PM]i really want a japanese style fish tattoo, with some blackberries and lilly of the valley around it

[8:35 PM]but i drew some other flowers too

[8:36 PM]i wont get thsi as a tattoo adskfadkfjnh i dont like it that much but it was good practise