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I'm clairvoyant and idgaf what any skeptic has to say about it.


So yesterday my gf was having a poor mental health day and just feeling totally butts. They decided to go for a drive in the evening to clear their head, get out of the house a bit, try to lift their mood.

and idk why, there was no reason for it, but I had the thought "this isn't going to end well" but shook it off as just unwarranted pessimism and existential dread


No, turns out they blew out a tire on a pothole and had to wait for friends to come rescue them and now they gotta buy a new tire and deal with all the drama that comes with unpleasant adventures like that


and like....

I didn't know it was going to happen

but i totally knew something was going to happen.

soft-nomad asked:


did you know that cheese puffs can be used as kindling?

I assume regular Cheetos can as well and I've been told corn chips burn well too. 

Minnesotan Ask Meme

aurenfaie -

Idea taken from @monsterofwisewomen's Scottish Ask Meme, with her permission. As with hers, if you'd like more info on any of these, let me know!

(Some of these things are not purely Minnesotan, but I think they're a large part of the culture here.)

Babe the Blue Ox – Do you have any pets? If not, do you want pets?

Bde Maka Ska – Have you ever gone by a different name? Do you have any nicknames?

Boundary Waters – Do you get lost easily?

Como – If you could domesticate any animal, what would it be?

Dontcha know – What is something commonly unknown/a fun fact that you wish more people knew?

Duluth – What time period do you find most interesting?

Fargo – What is something that people (or a person) think(s) about you that is wrong?

Grain Belt – What is something you’ve made/done that you’re proud of?

Hotdish – What is your favorite food you ate growing up?

Itasca – Have you ever done anything that has led to an unexpected opportunity/outcome?

Lutefisk – What is a food you can’t stand?

Mall of America – What is something you wish other people knew about you?

Mill City – When is a time that you’ve messed something up? Did you do anything to make it better?

Minnesota Nice – Are others’ first impression of you generally accurate?

Ole and Lena – Tell us a bad joke!

Paul Bunyan – What would you like to be remembered for?

Princess Kay – Has someone ever created something for you?

Split Rock – Where is your favorite place think?

Spoonbridge and Cherry – What is your favorite art piece?

Twin Cities – Who in your life are you closest to?

Uff da – What is the last thing you did that you didn’t want to do?

Vikings – What is something you want to get better at? What is one of your skills?

You betcha – Do you think you have an accent?

So just an FYI, if you ever see a picture I post and have a yen to use it for an edit or background or moodboard or anything, I am cool with that.

I know what a pain it is trying to hunt down a free stock photo that captures that exact vibe you want. Then you finally find it and the size or quality is kinda meh. 

I'd love to be tagged so I can see any pretties you create!

And I usually still have the original image which is prolly gonna be like 2600 x 1800 or something else ridiculously large because I refuse to use other size setting except maximum on both my Nikon and my phone camera. So if you need the high-rez version, I got ya. 

pantarhei -

Me: I'm bored and lonely

Brain: make an okcupid profile


Present me: maybe....

pantarhei -

Gods help me I actually went and did it

wittywallflower -

Best of luck! I dated a few people from OKC way back when and enjoyed the experience, even if the relationships didnt last all that long. I've known people who have made good friends that way and know a married couple who met through OKC.

I made another profile a few months ago but abandoned it after a couple weeks because I got very overwhelmed while looking through peoples' profiles. also because i get very bored having the same old small talk with 20 different people when maybe 1-2 of them turn out to be interesting.

bodys asked:

the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us by sufjan stevens ? :•)