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Love to monch the popcorn. Buttery or cheesy popcorn is my fave. I wil eat sweet popcorns like your kettle or caramel corns if its there, but i like it salty instead.

I know movie theater popcorn is such a ridiculous markup but, like, i gotta. Its part of the movie theater experience! If i have no popcorn and Icee, did i even really see that MCU movie???

Why havent we perfected a way of making popcorn that doesnt leave unpopped kernels. Its almost 2020. There are robots to clean houses and AIs to drive cars, i shouldnt be chipping a tooth when i shovel popcorn into my facehole.

If you like popcorn but dont wanna make a giany bag of microwave popcorn covered in that fake butter that coats your tongue and leaves a chemically aftertaste, do what i do: throw a big handful of unpopped kernels in a brown paper bag, fold the top down a few times, microwave it till the bag fills and puffs out a bit. If you want salt or other seasonsings, give it a spritz of cooking spray to make it atick. Garlic powder + onion powder is yum. Super easy healthy snack!