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emydoidea -

Whenever I see some 13 or 14 year old who already has a fully conceived queer identity I feel so happy for them because when I was in middle school I was desperately trying to find the most nonthreatening boy to have a “crush” on so that people wouldn’t think I was too weird, and was going around saying things like “I’m totally straight, it’s just that all the guys in our school are either idiots or ugly” and “It’s weird how there are so many pretty girls but it takes a lot more for a boy to be cute”. 😬

wittywallflower -

I agree because I was today years old before this post made something click and I finally understand why i picked the boys i did to have crushes on in middle school and freshman year of high school. Like, my friends didn't get it, why those boys? And there were boys in my school i knew intellectually were actually conventionally pretty attractive so I didn't get it either... until this minute.


So hooray for all the young people right now with access to terms and tools that help them figure out their identity! I know life isn't easy for a 13 yr old queer, but I'm so happy they aren't stumbling blindly in the dark, actually thinking they wanna hold hands with some milquetoast white boy named Scooter.