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feywild -

i don't condone bullying but what can you do when you know someone who eats CEREAL with WATER

feywild -

though i do know people who eat cereal with orange juice which is ultimately worse, so

wittywallflower -

Orange juice at least follows a general breakfast-y theme. It wouldnt work with all cereals but the tart tang of OJ would balance out the sweetness of some of the more sugary ones.

Water suggests one can't afford milk or even OJ. And I'm just trying to enjoy some Honey Smacks, not get sad/mad about capitalism, and poverty swallowing up the middle class. 

aurenfaie asked:

Yuuri on Ice & Carole and Tuesday!

wittywallflower -

Yuuri on Ice: What helps put you at ease when you're troubled? A cup of tea? Taking a walk? Reading?

Cuddling my kitty helps a lot. I often try to take comfort in a favorite media, like reread a favorite book i've read a million times, or watch a show/movie i can recite by heart. If I need to laugh, I might watch some stand-up comedy. Fresh air helps so if I have the energy maybe take a walk. If all else fails, I smoke weed and take a nap.


Carole and Tuesday: What's your favorite kind of music? What kind of music can you absolutely not stand? 

I don't have strong musical genre preferences, I tend to like a little bit of everything. If, gun to my head, i had to name a genre I would probably say classic rock because I grew up with my parents playing music any moment they were home and bands like Queen, Styx, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, etc were the soundtrack to my childhood (between Disney soundtracks).

I dont think there is any kind that I can't stand, that I would be annoyed to be made to listen to. If i dont like music I just tune it out. But that would likely be more a song-specific thing and not a hatred of a whole genre. I dont mind country or rap or kitschy pop and I love acapella so good luck trying to annoy me with your playlist.

pantarhei -

"or watch a show/movie I can recite by heart"

it's okay Jo, you can say Eureka.

wittywallflower -


I painted a thing!

My friend has a birthday coming up and moved into a new place last month AND also recently started rehab so its a bday/housewarming/encouragement gift.

On a scale from 1 to 'Nobody would ever find your body', how much would Waterfall hate me reposting that "Do you love the colour of the sky?" post from tumblr over here.