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5 days ago
Saturday 15th June 2019 23:31:40

i have no memory of making this

i wonder what i was so mad about

1 week ago
Thursday 13th June 2019 02:45:02

3 weeks ago
Monday 27th May 2019 20:03:45
bodys asked:

the predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us by sufjan stevens ? :•)

2 months ago
Thursday 2nd May 2019 02:59:20

2 months ago
Wednesday 24th April 2019 22:00:06

Sometimes I just want to fly

but then I look into your eyes

and I don't know why

but I stay down here with you.

Look at what you do.

If it hadn't been for you

I would have been halfway to the moon.


Take my hand

don't try to understand.

I can't leave you here,

feet on the ground,

to sink to the sand.


Come with me and fly.

2 months ago
Wednesday 24th April 2019 12:00:03

Traveling down the road of Life

Cruise control set at sixty-five

Radio blasting but you're still all alone

Open your doors to highhikers wandering the highway

Company for the never-ending drive

You laugh and share Life stories

As the scenery speeds by

Pick up a couple others

The more, the merrier the crowd

Driving along, windows rolled down

Pull into a pit stop

There ain't many on this road

You may lose a couple travellers

That's just the way Life goes

Keep them with you while you can

While you travel this road

Some aren't worth your time

Just leave them on the curb

Their rides are out there soomewhere

You don't need them by your side

Keep on treating wanderers to a ride

If you are lucky you'll find one

With the same destination in mind

These are the true friends

And loved one you must hold

Pass through Life together

As you travel this old road

2 months ago
Friday 19th April 2019 23:41:05

Your rapier grin sinks beneath my skin

and slides into my veins

Passion courses through me

and the darkness closes in

My knees begin to tremble,

my words fade to a sigh

Your very lips upon my neck

make me high


Your hands caress my curves

pull me close, pull me down

into the depths of your

sweet intoxication.